Saturday, November 04, 2006


I have been thinking about what are the best CSS practices. I got this from one of my friend. I’ll open it up to everyone for share it.

Build and test your CSS in the most advanced browser available before testing in others, not after.
If you build a site testing in a broken browser, your code begins relying on the broken rendering of that browser. When it comes time to test in a more standards-compliant browser, you will be frustrated when that browser renders it improperly. Instead, start from perfection and then hack for the less able browsers. Your code will be more standards-compliant from the start, and you won’t have to hack as much to support other browsers. Today, this means Mozilla, Safari, or Opera.
Don’t use quotation marks around paths/URLs.
When setting a background image, or loading in an imported file, resist the urge to surround the path with quote marks. They’re not necessary, and IE5/Mac will choke.
Try to avoid applying padding/borders and a fixed width to an element.
IE5 gets the box model wrong, which really makes a mess of things. There are ways around this, but it’s best to side-step the issue by applying the padding to the parent element instead of the child that gets a fixed-width.
Combine selectors.
Keeping your CSS light is important to minimize download times; as much as possible, group selectors, rely on inheritance, and reduce redundancy by using shorthand.

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