Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Page load twice

I know you may have already frustrated of this issue. Even I was really fed up when I came a cross this weird issue. I was facing this issue when I test my web application with Firefox 3.6.6, I did not check with any previous versions (and I found no issues with IE and some other browsers). Believe me it takes a lot of time to cure this. There are many possibilities but mine was a bad CSS practice, you may be wondering how CSS reloads the whole web page.
This was the issue in my CSS code background-image:url(''), having a empty image URL.
I thought reloading the page twice an issue with my coding on page behind, but ultimately it was a CSS issue.

Let me tel me why an empty URL gives such a major issue. Once the page loads the firefox still tries to find the empty URLs so page loads twice but IE just replaces the empty URL with null value.

As I mentioned above this may not the exact cause for your problem but one of the following might cause your issue. Please visit the following URL ( to see more possibilities. Hope this guides you to find the issue.


jinantha said...

thank you so much this was very helpfull!!!

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